MATERIALS: Patented Bimodal HDPE For Potable Water Piping

Dow's new HDPE boasts the best of traditional PE for hot and cold water pipe but with better hydrostatic strength, and more.

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A new bimodal HDPE produced with Unipol II process technology from Dow Chemical, Midland, Mich., is a certified Level 5 chlorine-resistant material for use in domestic hot and cold water plumbing pipe that boasts several advantages over traditional plumbing materials like copper and steel.  This includes: excellent flexural toughness for leak-proof performance; resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals; excellent taste and odor characteristics; and, reduced risk of theft (compared to copper. Also touted are light weight, ease of installation, little or no maintenance required.

            Moreover, the patented technology of Hypertherm 2399 NT is said to offer the best of traditional PE-RT (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature resistance) for potable water piping, along with excellent hydrostatic strength and the ability to meet cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) performance requirements. The Level 5 certification is said to offer contractors and homeowners the flexibility to install plumbing systems designed to reduce waste consumption and hot-water energy use, such as continuous circulation loops and on-demand recirculation.

            The new resin can be processed on the same extrusion lines as PEX B and C with minimal need for tooling changes. In many cases, unused monolithic pipe formed with Hypertherm 2399 NT can be reintroduced into the production stream, and finished Hypertherm pipe is ready for packaging directly off the line—eliminating time and energy used in post-extrusion curing, lengthy quality control measures, and off-line packaging. In addition, while pipe made with this resin can be joined with traditional mechanical fittings, it also has the versatility to be heat fused


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