MATERIALS: PC-ABS with a Density Advantage for Automotive

Trinseo's new series of PC-ABS are aimed at providing lightweight, cost-effective alternatives for exterior auto components.

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A new series of PC-ABS resins that boast a density advantage of up to 10% versus competitive PC-PET resin blends has been launched by the automotive group of Trinseo, Berwyn, Pa. The Pulse XT resin blends are aimed at providing lightweight and cost-effective alternatives for a broad range of exterior automotive components including roof spoilers, front grills, front bumper grills, side mirrors, mirror housings, and roof bows.  

According to Trinseo Automotive, these PC-ABS blends are meeting the latest OEM exterior material specifications. Performance benefits of the Pulse XT series include easy flow, which improves cycle time, providing enhanced energy efficiency during the molding cycle. They are especially suitable for high-gloss painted, premium-quality components due to the easy processability and high-gloss surface finish. Filled Pulse XT grades provide improved dimensional stability, with reportedly a better fit and finish to the adjacent steel parts for optimal quality. Grade XT9215 was used in the first very low CLTE (coefficient of linear thermal expansion) roof rail application. The PC-ABS roof rails are featured on the new Opel Astra Sport Tourer, where they achieved a 50% weight reduction over painted aluminum roof rails.

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