MATERIALS: PC Copolymers for Aircraft Interiors

SABIC's new grades of PC copolymers enabe injection-moldable lightweight aircraft interior parts.

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Two new grades of PC copolymers suitable for injection molding of interior aircraft parts and more were recently launched by SABIC, Houston. Lexan FST9405 and its transparent counterpart FST9405T, are high-flow, halogen-free flame retardant grades that are OSU55/55 (heat release) and FAR25.583 (vertical burn and smoke density), as well as OEM compliant.


The transparent grade, in fact, is believed to be the first transparent, injection-moldable material that is compliant with the stringent heat-release standards. The FST9405 grade is designed for molded-in-colors, including bright whites, which can help eliminate secondary processes such as painting. These grades have enhanced flow (9.0 g/10 min) over the prior generation FST9705 grade which means less material is required to create a part, enabling strong, thin-wall designs. Potential uses include seatbacks, kink panels, seat trims, magazine holders, cockpit dashboard enclosures and components, transparent or translucent partitions, luggage compartments and passenger service units.


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