MATERIALS: PEEK Compounds Get More Wear Resistance Without Losing Other Properties

New PEEK compounds contain a proprietary additive that outperforms PTFE in wear and other properties.

A series of PEEK compounds contain a new, proprietary additive in place of PTFE, which reportedly results in elevated wear resistance. Lehvoss North America, Pawcatuck, Conn., designed its new Luvocom 8000 compounds to have a tribological profile significantly surpassing previous materials while preserving mechanical performance.


According to the company, PTFE lowers wear rates, but it is not always recognized that it also decreases mechanical properties of the compound. In one case study of thrust washers and bushings, tests showed up to two-thirds lower wear rate for the Luvocom 8000 series when compared with an industry-standard PEEK compound lubricated with PTFE. The 8000 compounds showed superior wear performance against metals such as stainless and carbon steels, aluminum, and hardened bearing-grade steel. The new series opens up new opportunities in the automotive, industrial, medical, and energy markets for applications such as thrust washers, bushings, seals, and other wear components.


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