MATERIALS: Permanent ESD Thermoplastic Sheet

PermaStat compounds from RTP Co. now in sheet form.

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The industry recognized PermaStat compounds from RTP Company, Winona, Minn., have now been translated into sheet. These compounds are based on a proprietary all-polymeric additive that provides permanent static dissipative performance independent of ambient humidity. Now, RTP’s Engineered Sheet Products (ESP) division is offering a ‘unique’ thermoplastic sheet with anti-static properties that reportedly provide permanent protection from the damaging effects of static electricity and dust for applications such as electronics packaging.

            The PermaStat sheet features consistent surface resistivity of 10(9) to 10(10) ohms/square that is said to make it an excellent solution for OEMs and processors who require superior ESD (electrosatic dissipative) protection and dust control. When higher conductivity and lower surface resistance—10(7) to 10(8) ohms/square—are required, ESP offers PermaStat Plus sheet. Because they are made from thermoplastic compounds, the antistatic properties are inherent throughout the sheet. The sheet reportedly maintains ESD protection, even with scratches, wear, machining, or forming. They have also been shown to function well in low humidity, unlike migratory antistatic agents, which can be removed through product movement, cleaning agents, or evaporation. Fully colorable, they are available in a variety of resin systems, including PP, PC, acrylic, PETG and ABS. 

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