MATERIALS: Post-Consumer Content PP Compounds For Automotive

Borealis has three new PP compounds with post-consumer recycle content to help European automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers better support sustainability goals.

Borealis (U.S. office in Port Murray, N.J.) is newly offering a portfolio of PP compounds composed of post-consumer recycled (PCR) and virgin content for interior, exterior and under-hood automotive applications. Initially, the Austrian-based company has developed and is marketing these grades for its European partners and customers to enable the automotive industry fulfill the need for materials with enhanced sustainability. The three new Daplen grades reportedly offer process performance, material characteristics, and cost efficiency at a level on par with virgin materials.

Grade ME225SY, with 25% PCR content, 20% talc and 55% virgin PP, is primarily for interior applications such as door and trunk claddings and trims.

Grade MD250SY, with 50% PCR content, 20% talc and 30% virgin PP is intended mainly for under-hood and exterior applications such as bumper components and trim.

Grade MD325SY, with 25% PCR content, 30% talc and 45% virgin PP is intended for use in under-hood and exterior applications as well.

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