MATERIALS: PPS Grade for Food Handling

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ticona’s Fortron FX432T1 PPS now complies with U.S. FDA and EU food-contact regulations, allowing its use for food handling applications such as conveyor systems.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ticona, Florence, Ky., announced that its Fortron FX4382T1 PPS has been certified as complying with U.S. FDA and European food-contact regulations. The unreinforced grade has been formulated to deliver long-term durability of components for food-handling applications, including conveyor systems for food processing. Suitable for both extrusion and injection molding, this PPS grade is reportedly a lighter, more ductile, and tougher material choice to replace metals and other thermoplastics that are traditionally used in food-handling applications. Its attributes include a high continuous-use temperature (165 C), especially good chemical resistance at elevated temperatures, and extremely high impact, elongation, and flexibility. It also boasts excellent hydrolysis resistance and low moisture absorption (less than 0.05%) as well as a low coefficient of thermal expansion.