MATERIALS: PVC Compounds For Exterior Auto Trim Yield Class A Finish

At NPE2015, Teknor Apex will launch its new custom color-matched PVC compounds that meet Class A finish specs for auto OEMs in dozens of colors.

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A new series of custom color-matched PVC extrusion compounds have been shown to provide Class A surfaces for the external layers of coextruded automotive parts such as roof ditch moldings between roof and body sections, window trim between A pillars and windshield, and body trim.

Developed by Teknor Apex, Pawtucket, R.I.,  the 85 Shore  A Apex 1545 Series compounds will be introduced at NPE2015 and made available to automotive processors worldwide. To date, Teknor has formulated Apex 1545 compounds in more than 60 colors, a number of which are in commercial use on Chrysler LC-22 Platform vehicles such as the Dodge Challenger. These compounds complement another recently introduced series of PVC extrusion materials for the same automotive exterior trim applications: Apex 1545-D40 ST “self-texturing” compounds, which make secondary “texturing” steps such as top-coating or milling unnecessary. As with the Class A finish products, Teknor can provide custom color and gloss matching to many OEM standards, including the various shades of black used across the industry.

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