MATERIALS: Rigid TPE for Mechanical Lock/Snap Fit Applications

New TPE series said to provide an excellent and durable surface.

A rigid TPE series said to be ideally suited for products like auto trim rings or soft rubbery-feel plastic components that can be snapped onto metal appliance parts is newly available from Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc., Rochester, Ill.

            With a 50-Shore D hardness, Elastocon 9050 is said to provide an excellent and durable finish whether in rubber-feel snap fit parts or in the role of a mechanical lock such as a trim ring around dashboard screens or console shifts for easy removal for service. Available in natural (9050X) and black (9050BX), the new highly-colorable and low-COF (coefficient-of-friction) TPE grades are formulated to resist dirt and dust and are said to offer a high-class, rubbery but not gummy surface on a part that can be removed. Both offer good room-temperature as well as cold weather impact resistance and can be tweaked to have fire-resistance properties that pass UL V-0 if needed.