MATERIALS: Soft-Touch TPEs With Lustrous Metallic Effects

PolyOne's new GLS TPEs combine a silky feel with gleaming metallic color.

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Targeted to the cosmetic and personal care packaging market is a series of GLS TPEs newly launched by PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, Ohio, which combine a lush, soft feel with lustrous metallic effects. The company illustrated the soft-touch TPEs with gold, silver and copper effects and featuring a portfolio based on the 2017 InVisio Color Inspirations Wanderlust collection from PolyOne Color and Additives at last month’s Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design show in Paris.

The company displayed sample plaques and concept packaging molded from five different TPEs that have silkiness, grippy feel, and even soft-as-skin qualities and feature the Wanderlust color palette. According to PolyOne, this palette focuses on pioneers, explorers and nomads of all ages aching to find the shared humanity that unites cultures across the globe, and features nude tones, inky blue, henna and shiny green. Accented with metallic looks and a range of tactile sensory effects, the samples and concepts showcased at this show recalled vibrant Indian, Middle Eastern and Chinese textiles, which are often infused with metallic threads. Target applications for the metallic-effect TPEs include overmolded caps for packages such as perfumes and shampoos, closures for containers such as lotions and serums, and cases for eye shadows and other cosmetics

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