MATERIALS: Specialty Fluoropolymer Compounds For Broad Range Of Uses

AGC Chemicals will feature some of its new high-performance fluoropolymer compounds at NPE 2015.

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A broad array of customized compounds featuring the latest Aflas fluoroelastomers and Fluon fluoropolymers from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc., Exton, Penn., will be highlighted at NPE 2015. Included are:

            • Fluon Filled PTFE Compounds, which boast enhanced deformation and creep resistance, thermal conductivity and wear performance over traditional PTFE resins. Applications include seals, gaskets, and other critical parts where mechanical strength, chemical resistance and lubricity are essential.

            • Fluon Melt-Processable Compounds, which are based on copolymer resins FEP, ETFE, PFA, PVDF, MFA or ECTFE, are particularly well suited to automotive, industrial, aerospace, transit, and appliance applications because they impart physical toughness and high resistance to heat and chemicals. AGC FluoroCompounds Group now offers eight different types of melt processable compounds.

            • Fluon PTFE and PTFE Micropowders, which reportedly are highly cost-effective materials and the most widely used fluoropolymers. They are inert to most chemicals, are heat- and weather-resistant, and have excellent insulation and lubricious properties. The PTFE resins are typically used in stock shapes, wire insulation and coatings, while PTFE Micropowders’ applications include additives in thermoplastic compounds, coatings and more.

            • Fluon ETFE and Low Melt ETFE resins, which are said to offer superior resistance to heat and chemical attack. They are also said to hold up in extreme weather conditions and last for years with negligible deterioration effects. They can be processed via both injection and blow molding.

            • Aflas fluoroelastomers, which are suited demanding applications in the oil/gas, chemical processing, wire and cable, heavy equipment, food handling/pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. They boast outstanding resistance to heat, bases, many solvents, ozone and steam, and are engineered to thrive in harsh environments. 

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