MATERIALS: Stiff Polyolefin Foam Boards For Automotive And Packaging

Offering great weight reduction potential are new stiff PP closed-cell foam boards from Sekisui.

Polyolefin foam manufacturer Sekisui Chemical, Seacaucus, N.J., has further expanded its product range with the introduction of the Alveocel LP F product line of stiff foam boards, which can be press molded and vacuum formed, and can also serve as a substrate for laminated coverings.

            Mainly targeted for use in the automotive and packaging sectors, this version of this new version of the closed-cell PP foam is produced at a density of 200 to 600 kilogrammes per cubic meter--12.45-37.46 lb/ft(3). The stiff foam boards, from one to five millimeters thick (3/64 in. to 13/64 in.) are 50% to 70% lighter than injection-molded solid plastics used in comparable applications. Large-surface area components such as coverings made of hard plastic can be replaced with these foam boards, in applications such as wheel well and engine compartment liners. Also for surface coverings in vehicle interiors (e.g., in the trunk, with an appropriate fabric or foil covering.

Great potential also exists for sandwich components, in which the rigid foam can be used as an outer layer in composite assemblies. In the packaging arena, the stiff foam boards can replace PE, PP or ABS hard plastics in transport boxes and small-load carriers. The boards are heat resistant to 140 C (284 F) and are 100% recyclable with excellent thermal insulation.


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