MATERIALS: Styrenic TPEs Perform Like TPVs in Window Gaskets

TeknorApex's new styrenic block copolymer TPEs, to be launched at FAKUMA 2015, boast comparable performance to TPVs widely used in window gaskets.

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A new series of styrenic block copolymer elastomers from Teknor Apex Co., Pawtucket, R.I., texhibit comparable performance to that of TPVs widely used in window gaskets while offering alternative options for building product manufacturers.

To be launched at Fakuma 2015 in Friedrichshafen (Oct. 13-17), Monprene IN-23000 Series TPE compounds are readily available in small lots and pre-colored grades and require no pre-drying, unlike most TPVs for weatherproof seals in metal, wood or PVC window frames. They reportedly can be processes with the same tooling used for PVC profiles at similar throughput rates and die pressures.  In coextruded structures widely used for window gaskets, the new compounds exhibit excellent adhesion to the PP or high-modulus TPE substrate that serves as the rigid supporting component. They reportedly provide sufficient stiffness to facilitate window assembly and, unlike, most TPVs, resist staining from paints.

Like TPVs, IN-2300 Series TPEs are said to exhibit the end-use properties essential for air- and moisture-proof window gaskets, including rubberlike seal recovery, low-temperature toughness, and UV resistance.  

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