MATERIALS: Thermosetting Molding Compound Boasts High-Temperature Creep Resistance

Unusual thermosetting dry-type polyester compound offered here by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical.

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An innovative thermosetting dry-type polyester molding compound made with a proprietary technology developed by thermoset materials supplier Japan U-Pica Co., Ltd., is said to outperform conventional molding compounds like PPS or PBT and is an ideal alternative to phenolic resins. Available in North America from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America (MGC-A), New York, N.Y., Vyloglass is a pelletized material made with crystalline unsaturated polyester resins and is suitable for injection, transfer and compression molding.

            According to Jun Mitadera, marketing and sales manager for advanced polymers at MGC-A, the material provides excellent  mechanical and electrical properties, while delivering creep resistance at high temperatures. Among the material’s strongest properties is its ability not to burn in spite of being halogen free, along with outstanding resistance to electric sparks, tracking and arcing. It also boasts excellent moldability—produces no gas and does not contaminate molds, can be fed automatically, and excels in storage stability and measurability.

            Use of the material with 10-20%/wt glass fiber reinforcement was exemplified in the manufacture of a brush holder for a dynamic motor. Currently, the material is available in three grades, each of which exhibits excellent heat stability and electrical properties with varying characteristics: VG-2200, highest heat stability, UL-94 class; VG-7100, UL-94 V-O, UL746B thermal index of 180 C (356 F); and VG-7100, higher strength, UL-94 V-O.

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