MATERIALS: TPEs for Nylon Grips with Better Oil & Abrasion Resistance

PolyOne's new GLS Versaflex OM TPE offers 'significant' enhancement to existing TPEs in terms of oil and abrasion resistance.

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What is said to be a ‘significant’ enhancement to existing TPE technology that will help protect products with nylon grips—ranging from industrial tools to suitcases--deliver superior resistance to oil and abrasion has been launched by PolyOne Corp.’s GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers, McHenry, Ill.

            New GLS Versflex OM TPE reportedly bonds tightly to nylon substrates to deliver a soft, yet resilient grip for safety, ergonomics and comfort. With a standard Shore A hardness of 60, it can be customized to other hardness levels. Materials testing have shown it to surpass other TPEs in resisting the oil and abrasion often encountered with demanding usage. Testing under ASTM D3389, proved that this material delivers 40% better abrasion resistance than a leading competitor’s product as well as incumbent GLS nylon overmolding grades, according to global marketing director Charles Page. It also allows for lower processing temperatures to achieve superior bond strength. Using two-shot or insert molding, the material bonds tightly without adhesives to most standard nylons, as well as heat-stabilized, lubricated, glass-filled, and impact-modified versions. 

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