MEDICAL TUBING: Measure Multi-Lumen Tubes Off Line

Unit takes full set of measurements in seconds.

The Multi Lumen Vision System (MLVS) from Angle Systems, San Jose, Calif, is a machine vision system for measuring multi-lumen tubing offline. The system has an easy-to-use interface, automatically takes a full set of dimensional measurements in a matter of seconds and is operator independent.

The MLVS is a benchtop based vision system that may be used on the production floor for quality assurance purposes or in a lab environment for research and development. The MLVS reportedly saves time, money, and material by providing quick, and detailed measurements, as well as eliminating operator dependent measurement variance.

The unit's measurement capabilities include wall thickness, area, OD/ID, multi-tubing measurements, multilayer measurements, concentricity, and many more. Part specifications and tolerances may also be set to immediately alert the operator of any passing and failing measurements. All measurements are reportedly achieved in less than 10 sec. An NIST traceable verification target is provided to verify calibration as needed to ensure measurement accuracy.

The MLVS provides digital quality records in the form of spreadsheet compatible CSV files, images, or audit sheets. Further customization on data presentation, such as SPC charts, is also offered to assist quality-control purposes.