More Speed for Electric Presses

The new EC-NII all-electric machines from Toshiba Machine Co.

The new EC-NII all-electric machines from Toshiba Machine Co. Ltd. (offices in Elk Grove Village, Ill.), introduced at the recent IPF show in Tokyo, feature faster injection and upgraded controls. There’s also a new size in Toshiba’s hybrid EC-D line. The third generation EC-NII series has a new low-inertia injection unit that bumps up the injection speeds (275 to 426 mm/sec) on models from 22 to 110 tons. New servomotors deliver 240% quicker response than the previous design. Another upgrade is the new Injectvisor-V30 controller with a processor that is 10 times faster than the previous Injectvisor-V21. Enhanced memory can store 300 molding recipes and 1000 job histories and monitor trends on the last 1000 shots. Toshiba also enhanced the controls on its ED (electric direct-lock) series hybrid machines. This two-platen line from 720 to 1950 tons has electric injection along with a hybrid electric/hydraulic clamp. The clamp gains faster response through newly developed AC servomotors and controls. Toshiba is adding a 1450-ton model and is looking to develop a 3000-tonner next year.