New Milestones for Hot-Fill Bottles

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Smallest, lightest, hottest—the past year has seen three “firsts” for hot-fill PET containers.

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Smallest, lightest, hottest—the past year has seen three “firsts” for hot-fill PET containers. In chronological order, the first announcement was from Amcor PET Packaging, Manchester, Mich., which claimed to have the smallest hot-fill PET bottle, a 2.5-oz container for specialty healthcare drinks. It has a 28-mm finish, instead of the usual 20-mm for this size bottle, to make it easier for patients to drink from. According to Amcor, this new hot-fill size required considerable development, including equipment modifications and special controls at the Nicholasville, Ky., plant. Also, a modified rib design resulted in a very smooth area for labeling. The first customer for the bottle is Hormel Health Labs, using it for its Healthy Shot high-protein drink. Soon after, the bottle was adopted by Steaz, div. of the Healthy Beverage Co., for its Steaz Energy Shot natural caffeine drink.
In November, Sidel of France (U.S. office in Norcross, Ga.) said it had developed the world’s lightest 0.5L, hot-fill PET bottles. Weighing just 18.9 g, they come in two new designs—“Curvy” and “Skyward”—which have special features to resist vacuum after cooling while using less material. Both have a standard 28-mm finish.
That same month, Liquid Container, W. Chicago, Ill., launched its ThermaSet wide-mouth PET stock and custom jars that boast the highest hot-fill temperature capability on the market. ThermaSet reportedly is the first to offer sustained hot-fill performance at 205 F, suiting it to viscous foods like apple and pasta sauces, jams, jellies, and tomato-based products. What’s more, typical hot-fill containers shrink 1.5% to 4% after hot filling, according to the company, whose new jars reportedly shrink less than 1%. The result is less challenge to finish/seal integrity and labeling. ThermaSet is based on a proprietary Liquid Container process that raises PET’s glass-transition point (Tg) substantially.
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