MATERIALS: Non-Halogen Flame-Retardant PC Compounds

PolySource's new series of PC compounds boast the physical properties of non-FR polycarbonates but meet required flame retardancy for electronics and more.

A new non-chlorinated, non-brominated flame-retardant PC compound created for the electronics market is available from PolySource, Kansas City, Mo. Integra PC-50125 NX BK-4001 UV Series was developed for the electronics market where physical properties of non-FR polycarbonates are required while also meeting flame retardancy that complies with RoHS and REACH requirements.

The compound is approved by UL94 VO/5VA @2.5mm, V1/5VB @1.5mm. It reportedly exhibits superior physical properties, with excellent esthetics, toughness, UV stability and good melt flow for a multitude of applications and markets. Its broad processing window is evident is the product does not exhibit temperature sensitivity, shear sensitivity or plate-out issues.