Novel Trimmer Meets Tandem-Blow Demands

A new in-machine spin trimmer developed by M.C.

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A new in-machine spin trimmer developed by M.C. Molds, Inc., Williamston, Mich., handles the high-cavitation needs of Bekum's new tandem extrusion-blow process. That process needle blows two bottles neck to neck from a single parison. The dual-cut trimmer separates the bottles in the machine and eliminates part transport and other more complex downstream operations. Both tandem blowing and the trimmer will be shown at NPE this month by Bekum and M.C. Molds, respectively. M.C. Molds' DST 2000 has two blades that trim the bottles from a common dome. The trimmer has a dual-drive independent wheel system that spins the containers against the knife to reduce pressure on the dome. The trimmer adjusts easily for a range of bottles and neck sizes and offers quick changeover for different dome styles.

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