PEEK Films Make Commercial Launch

A line of fi lms based on Victrex PEEK resin have been launched by Victrex USA Inc., West Conshohocken, Pa.

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A line of fi lms based on Victrex PEEK resin have been launched by Victrex USA Inc., West Conshohocken, Pa. The company's new $10-million production line in the U.K. is said to be the world's fi rst dedicated high-volume PEEK film facility. Up to now, such film has been available on a very limited basis. Victrex's new Aptiv fi lms boast high strength and heat resistance, plus excellent wear resistance. Future film grades will offer greater wear resistance and enhance acoustical properties. Aptiv was developed in response to customer demand for applications such as composite film structures, die-cut stamping, thermoforming, laminating, and adhesive tapes. Andrew Storm, global ventures business leader, says the 30-million-lb market for high-performance fi lms has been growing 15%/yr. Competing fi lms are made of PEI, polyimide, fl uoropolymers, PET, and PEN. Aptiv has already been specifi ed in wire/cable insulation, semiconductors, and automotive and aerospace applications. Among several commercial applications is a speaker diaphragm for loudspeakers from France's Cabasse. Covalence Adhesives, Franklin, Mass., uses Aptiv film as the backing material for pressure-sensitive tapes. The 1000 series of crystalline fi lms and the 2000 amorphous series are available in fi lled (10% to 30% talc) or unfi lled versions. They can be made up to 1.5 meters wide at thicknesses from 6 to 750 microns. Victrex adapted a conventional single-screw extruder from Davis-Standard LLC, Pawcatuck, Conn., for high-temperature PEEK processing. A key feature of the line, which is rated at 660,000 lb/yr, is the fi rst European use of an atmospheric plasma surface-treatment system from Enercon Industries Corp., Menomonee Falls, Wis. Plasma is said to offer higher surface energy than corona treatment, allowing better adhesion of Aptiv film to other materials. Tel: (484) 342-6001 .

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