Polybutadiene-Based TPU Is an Industry First

A new TPU from Sartomer Co.

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A new TPU from Sartomer Co. Inc, Exton, Pa., is reportedly the first to be made from hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene. Poly bd 2035 and three other related TPU grades have a novel multiblock structure and a polybutadiene backbone that gives greater resistance to strong acids and bases than standard TPUs. The new resins also offer barrier to oxygen and moisture plus unusual electrical properties: Volume resistivity is 1014 ohm-cm and surface resistivity is 1.5 x 1016 ohm/sq. Uses include films, adhesives, and sealants that require resistance to aggressive media or long-term exposure to humidity. These TPUs can also act as modifiers for polyolefins and engineering resins or as tie layers between non-polar materials such as rubber and polar substrates such as PUR. Grades for injection and extrusion have hardnesses from 70 to 90 Shore A.

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