PROCESS COOLING: Water Temperature Control Adds Electric Control Valves

Water temperature control system adds electric control valves for automatic closed loop operation.

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Building off the compact, temperature-control water manifold it launched in 2010, Engel’s new e-flomo has added electrical control valves, allowing flow rates to be adjusted and controlled in a fully-automated process.


Engel said it developed the original flomo in 2010 to focus attention on an area of injection molding—mold temperature control—that is often times ignored despite its influence on process productivity. With the new e-flomo, which Engel is launching at NPE2015 (March 23-27; Orlando; booth W1303), Engel says it’s taking the next step with its temperature control concept, moving from process monitoring all the way to process control.


Whereas the previous flomo, which Engel reports is running in more than 1000 machines, used electronic flow monitoring that could be adjusted manually and integrated into a machine, the new e-flomo features electrical control valves that allow flow rates to be adjusted and controlled in a fully-automated process.


Engel said that with this design, the new e-flomo keeps the temperature in the mold constant throughout the production period, even when water pressure varies, resulting in greater efficiency, process reliability and consistently high product quality.


The e-flomo will be highlighted as part of the company’s new Engel plus service portal of global hotline and on-site support and optimization tools. Engel plus is being presented at NPE2015 in several expert corners, which will feature oil maintenance and the new e-flomo system, among other offerings.