RECYCLING: High-Output Melt Filters for Recycling and Film/Sheet

Model ERF 500 is designed for max. throughput of more than 11,000 lb/hr.

Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH (Ettlinger North America is in Wheaton, Ill.) will launch two new melt-filtration products at this month’s Fakuma show in Friedrichshaven, Germany. One is the Model ERF 500 (photo), designed for max. throughput of more than 11,000 lb/hr. The filter rounds out Ettlinger’s series of high-end filters for recycling post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste, and reportedly handles contamination levels of up to 18% by weight.

The other new product, the ECO melt filter for recycling film and sheet, reportedly can remove the crosslinked and high-molecular-weight material fractions in a melt stream, together with any gels or partial impurities. This unit, rated for contaminant levels up to 1.5% by weight, is offered in two different sizes: the ECO 200 for throughputs up to 2200 lb/hr, and ECO 250 for up to 5500 lb/hr. In addition to polyolefin processing, the units are also said to be suited for filtering easy-flowing materials such as PET or nylon.

Ettlinger melt filters rely on a rotating, cylindrical screen with millions of conical holes. This can be supplied with a wide variety of filtration levels. The rotary motion of the filter drum provides a blending effect to ensure homogeneous conditions in the melt.