RECYCLING/SCRAP RECLAIM: High-Performance In-Line Thermoforming Scrap Recovery

TRIA America to debut 'quiet' high-performance grinders dedicated to in-line thermoforming scrap recovery at NPE 2015.

A new series of grinders designed for in-line thermoforming scrap recovery of nearly every type of plastic will be showcased by TRIA America Inc., Charlotte, N.C. at NPE 2015. The TF Series grinders are described as silent, high-performing and reliable. They reportedly can handle a full range of production waste: skeletal scrap, full sheets at start-up up to 48-in. wide, sheets with cups and lids up to 4-in. high, and more.

            The TF Series is comprised of six machines with varying feed opening lengths and rotor sizes. They can produce output of 400-to-2000 lbs/hr. Their reduced footprint and a choice of sheet infeed devices, reportedly allow them to be easily adapted to all thermoforming lines.