RECYCLING: Highly-Automated Recycling Line For Plastics Scrap

Starlinger to highlight energy-efficient, highly-automated recoStar dynamic recycling system at NPE2015.

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The latest system for recycling plastic scrap from industrial and post-consumer applications from Starlinger, Greenville, S.C., is reportedly characterized by a very energy-efficient production process as well as a high degree of automation.

Said to be especially suited for lightweight, wet and hygroscopic materials, the recoStar dynamic will be the first of the company’s recycling lines to carry the “rECO” stamp. This stamp is meant to highlight the comprehensive energy-efficient design of the new machine concept; use of motors with the best-efficiency ratings, leading to significant reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Features such as energy recovery systems in various process steps as well as infrared heating further reduce the energy costs for machine operation.

The system’s SMART feeder is said to optimally prepare the material and feed it into the extruder, while the dynamic automation package ensures the system is running at the ideal operating point. This is said to result in higher output with lower energy consumption, allow for higher humidity levels processing, and production of high-quality regranulate suitable for a wide range of end-use applications.