RECYCLING: Recycling 4.0 Coming to K 2016

Erema will also recycle show-produced scrap outside at the K.

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Recycling machinery builder Erema  (U.S. office Ipswich, Mass.) will present an extensive “smart factory” package during K 2016. Erema will build on the success of the Intarema machinery technology presented in 2013, with a focus this go-round on Industry 4.0 enhancements. Erema will also recycle the plastic waste generated at K 2016 on site at its “Careformance” Recycling Center in the outdoor area of the Messe, with machine, quality and process data being transferred in real time to Erema’s booth.

Erema’s Careformance system consists of four components, with the Intarema recycling machine forming the basis for the smart factory enhancements. In addition to the previous machine data, specially integrated sensors—the QualityOn package—are used to record and evaluate melt volume rate, color and moisture. The QualityOn package is said to enable recyclers to make materials with consistent quality in accordance with the special requirements of their customers, and document them transparently using online data acquisition and analysis. Recipes recorded electronically can be compared with each other and modified.

Erema has further developed a manufacturing execution system to make use of the vast amount of machine, quality and process data in a worthwhile and user-friendly way. With the so-called re360, recyclers can keep track of the productivity of an entire range of machinery in five modules. The system can be used on machines furnished by suppliers beyond Erema.

Moreover, re360 displays in real time any upcoming maintenance work and the replacement of individual parts. Spare parts can be ordered directly from the Erema website to minimize downtime