RECYCLING: Shredder/Extruder Technology To Debut At NPE2015

Erema's new sister company Pure Loop will demonstrate the new Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination (ISEC) at the big show.

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Earlier this year, Erema North America announced that it had spun off Pure Loop, a new sister company which specializes exclusively in the recycling of clean production wastes using new shredder/extruder technology, thereby enhancing the Erema Group’s portfolio in the in-house recycling arena.

At NPE2015, Pure Loop will showcase its new Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination (ISEC) product line with live demonstrations. It is designed for the repelletizing of production waste in a variety of forms such as film, tapes, fibers, nonwovens, fabric, hollow bodies, and solid plastic parts. The new company will be headed by managing director Manfred Dobersberger,who has years of expertise in plastics recycling (co-founder and co-owner of NGR GmbH until 2005). “With ISEC, we are able to adapt to the scrap logistics of our customers in an optimum way…always with the aim of returning the largest possible amount of recycled pellets to production. The key lies in the handling of the material, and, therefore, minimizing the possibility of contamination as far as possible.”