RECYCLING: Upgraded Force-Feed System For PE Film

Gamma Meccanica NA to highlight newly-modified force-feed system for PE film recycling at NPE2015.

An upgraded force-feed system for PE film that was recently installed at Napco Bag and Film, Carrolton, Texas, a manufacturer of LLDPE and HDPE can liners, will be highlighted by Gamma Meccanica North America, Greer, S.C. The GM 180’s new extruder screw profiles are said to allow for over 20% more capacity while using the least amount of energy to convert waste material into a high-quality product with the least amount of degradation possible.

            The unit’s new interface for system controls displays all operating variables on one screen and reportedly gives ultimate control and instant feedback to the operator. The new SPQR profiles (System Program Quality Recipes) allow operators to easily load and save any parameters for various material streams, allowing for changeovers that instantaneously control the line.