RECYCLING: Wet Shredder For Packaging Films, Bottles

Lindner Group introduced the Micromat WS wet shredder at K2016.

Austria-based Lindner Group (U.S. office Lindner America LLC, Raleigh, N.C.) introduced the Micromat WS wet shredder at K2016, which is a new addition to its Micromat series and is specially designed for pre-shredding contaminated post-consumer plastic scrap, such as lightweight packaging, bottles or films. By directing a jet of water onto the rotor, the friction arising during the shredding process can be used to detach dirt particles. This means that the material undergoes pre-cleaning from the outset, which has a positive impact on downstream processing. The water used simultaneously ensures uniform and controlled material discharge.

Once the material has passed through the pre-shredder, screw conveyors deliver it, so ensuring it remains in permanent contact with water, directly to the Rafter pre-washer, itself a newly developed product. The Rafter easily, gently and thoroughly detaches and separates contamination and adhering paper from the plastic.