REINFORCEMENTS:PP/Carbon Fiber Yarn Outperforms Carbon Fiber Alone

Integrated at the filament level with high-modulus fibers of carbon, glass, basalt or aramid is the new Innegra H line of PP yarns.

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Last year, Innegra Technologies, Greenville, S.C., launched its Innegra H line of fibers—hybrids of the company’s PP yarn integrated at the filament level with high-modulus fibers of carbon, glass, basalt, or aramid. According to v.p. of sales, marketing, and business development Jeff Ettin, this product differs from other hybrid yarns, which combine different fibers by cabling or twisting, which can compromise the mechanical integrity of the fibers.


Innegra H reportedly offers significant cost-reduction opportunities in applications that do not require continuous thermal resistance higher than 300 F, ranging from sporting equipment to auto interior parts. Ettin says automotive is a major thrust for the product line, with testing by OEMs currently under way in roof and door panels.


Impact data from third-party testing shows a three-ply laminate of Innegra HC PP/carbon fiber outperforming four- and five-ply laminates of carbon fiber alone by 50% and 37.5%, respectively. Moreover, Ettin points out that Innegra costs one-third less than standard carbon fiber and as much as two-thirds less than costly aircraft grades.


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