Side-Entry, Swing-Arm Robot Moves Fast


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WEB EXCLUSIVE. A new hybrid-electric side-entry robot with a rotary swing arm is designed to outrun straight-arm pneumatic models. Introduced at K 2007, the Wemo 4-5 sprue-picker robot comes from Wemo Automation of Sweden, which has new U.S. representation through Duotech Automation Technologies LLC., Fowlerville, Mich. The robot has a jointed-arm design to reduce space requirements. It is suited to presses from 27.5 to 165 tons and has a payload capacity of 1.5 lb. A standard model is servo driven except for a pneumatic X-axis. It has a stroke length of 100 mm and a 90d wrist flip. In/out motion is said to be 20% to 25% faster than a pneumatic model, as well as more repeatable and precise. Programming is done with a hand-held pendant. Wemo also rolled out its model 20-5 ES three-axis traversing robot for presses from 495 to 1650 tons. It handles 44 lb, has 90d wrist flip, and uses Wemo’s new W-HP7 hand-held pendant with touchscreen and icon-driven programming. The standard robot has a 900-mm strip stroke, 1400-mm telescoping vertical stroke, and 2750-mm traverse stroke. (517) 219-1863 *,

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