SOFTWARE: Enhanced Die Design Software Minimizes Tuning

Said to enable cutting of physical tuning by 50%.

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Plastic Flow LLC, Hancock, Mich., has released a new version of its polyXtrue extrusion die design software.

Due to its higher degree of accuracy, the new version of polyXtrue offers a virtual fine-tuning of the die. This reportedly will cut by at least 50% the number of physical fine-tuning cycles necessary.

The graphical user interface of the software has also been updated with a large number of new features to make the software lot more effective and even more user friendly. These include:


  • A combined analysis of the flow inside the die and the heat conduction in the metal die plates.
  • The ability to allow slip on the die walls for a multi-layer flow during coextrusion, including the heat generation due to polymer slip on the walls.
  • Accurate calibration of the layering effect due to gradual leakage of polymer melt out of the spiral channels in a spiral mandrel die.
  • The option to view the structure of the finite element mesh in multiple cross-sections inside the die.


Many of the important features from the previous versions of polyXtrue, such as accurate prediction of layer structure in the final product; accelerated computation speed using the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) of your computer; and estimation of post-die extrudate distortion, have been further improved in the new version.


This most advanced release of polyXtrue is also available as the Pay-Per-eXecution (PPX) version.