Static Charging Bar and Charging Generator Combine

Space-saving solution for many applications, including in-mold labeling.

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Combining a static charging bar and charging generator in one, the Simco Ion Pinner Easy integrated charging bar  provides a space-saving solution for many applications. including in-mold labeling, catalog stacking, card insertion, roll-to-roll transfer, and bag making. 

Using a low 24-v input, the Pinner Easy eliminates the need for high voltage wiring, providing a simplified installation. To ensure longevity and continuous performance, the Pinner Easy features long-life tungsten emitters that are current limited for increased safety. The Pinner Easy’s fully serviceable and replaceable generator and bar assemblies allow for maximum productivity with minimized downtime for maintenance. 

For installations where a PLC or machine control system is in place, the Pinner Easy offers a connection to fully integrate into the existing system. The Control Module provides remote monitoring of bar power, mode, HV on and fault and allows for adjustment of output settings. With nine bar lengths available, and voltage or current control operation, the Pinner Easy incorporates the latest advancements in customized charging technology.