TESTING: "Cool Mirror" Outdoor Weather Testing Technology

Atlas will promote its newest outdoor accelerated weather testing device at NPE2015 said to deliver over 5-yr exposure in hot climates but with cooler sample temperatures.

At NPE2015, Atlas Materials Testing Technology, Mt. Prospect, Ill, a div. of Ametek Measurement & Calibration Technologies, will promote its latest addition to its Emma/Emmaqua accelerated outdoor weather testing devices: the new low-temperature (LT-Emma/Emmaqua) device. It is said to deliver over five years of equivalent radiation exposure as would be received in a standard outdoor testing rack in South Florida in a single year, but with cooler temperatures.

            This device achieves cooler sample temperatures through a patented “cool mirror” that has very high reflectance in the UV- and near- visible wavelength  ranges, while attenuating reflectance in the longer wavelength visible and IR portions of the solar spectrum. The new technology is ideally suited to testing temperature-sensitive materials such as PVC siding and plastics composite decking.