TESTING: Datacolor Launches New Family of Handheld Spectrophotometers

Top notch repeatability and inter-instrument agreement is claimed for Datacolor's new handheld spectrophotometers.

The newest family of 45/0° handheld spectrophotometers from Datacolor, Lawrenceville, N.J., boasts best-in-class repeatability and inter-instrument agreement. Datacolor 45 handhelds are said to provide uniform circumferential illumination that guarantees repeatability, even on textured surfaces.


Designed with several ease-of-use features such as a low-profile measuring head, dual-measurement buttons, and a live-navigation user interface, the instruments come with Datacolor Tools QC software, Bluetooth interface, USB port for peripherals such as keyboards and barcode scanners, and a high-precision calibration stand.


•Model 45G provides simultaneous color and gloss with high repeatability, even on textured surfaces. In addition to a built-in 60◦ glossmeter, it enables gloss correlation with standalone glossmeters for flexible communication with the supply chain.


•Model 45G CT includes a 60° glossmeter and is said to be the only portable 45/0° spectrophotometer that offers close-tolerance control for both color and gloss. Thus, users reportedly can achieve very close agreement among all 45G CT instruments in their fleet or supply chain. It is well suited to automotive interior parts and hard goods and use as a reference-grade instrument for laboratories.


•Model 45S is a lower-cost model without a glossmeter.


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