TESTING: Dynamic Mechanical Tester for a Range of Materials or Components

TA Instruments' new ElectroForce edition said to offer unparalleled dynamic performance and versatility.

The newest edition to the ElectroForce load frame product portfolio from TA Instruments, New Castle, Del., boasts unparalleled dynamic performance and versatility. Moreover, it is suitable for testing a broad range of material or components, including thermoplastic and other elastomers, composites, bioplastics, and medical devices.

The new ElectroForce 3310 is a 1000 N dynamic mechanical testing instrument which features a patented, friction-free electromagnetic actuator that results in a durable test instrument that can perform tests for billions and billions of cycles and includes the industry’s reportedly only 10-year motor warranty. Enhancing the 3310’s performance envelope is the ability to add a torsion actuator, which allows the user to perform simultaneous axial-torsion tests. Alternatively, an extended stroke actuator, which increases the static testing capabilities of the test instrument by 150 mm, can be added for additional testing flexibility.