TESTING: Enhanced Moisture Analyzer for Lab & Plant Floor

New moisture analyzer boasts enhanced connectivity for easy data transfer.

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The new Excellence line of moisture analyzers from Mettler-Toledo, Columbus, Ohio, is designed for  use in the lab or on the factory floor. They reportedly offer enhanced connectivity (USB, Ethernet, and WLAN) for easy data transfer, and now can send measurement reports in directly to a network printer. Built-in testing procedures are reportedly easy to perform. With a five-click guided procedure, the performance of multiple instruments can be qualified together, thanks to the certified reference substance, SmartCal. Once the simple instructions are followed, normalization for ambient conditions is automatic, thanks to a new plug-in humidity and temperature sensor.

One of the first of these new units was recently adopted by Swiss Army knives maker Victorinox in Switzerland to check the plastic granulates used to mold components of its products. The company’s QC experts programmed the equipment with six shortcut keys—one for each of the plastic granulates in use. An operator simply has to load a sample and press its clearly labelled shortcut key; the assigned drying method then starts automatically. Reduced rejects and speed-up of the molding process resulted in as much as 10% increased productivity.

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