TESTING: High-Resolution Moisture Analyzer

Tovatech's high-resolution moisture analyzers is said to be ideal for QC of plastic pellets.

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A newly upgraded high-resolution halogen moisture analyzer has been introduced by Tovatech, Maplewood, N.J.  The MS-70 analyzer is ideal for quality control of plastics because its 0.001% resolution is perfect for testing materials with extremely tight moisture content space, according to director Robert Sandor.

            The moisture balance of the reportedly easy-to-use benchtop MS-70 is especially useful when injection molders want to confirm moisture content of incoming resins, before filling hoppers, and to check the performance of bulk dryers, says Sandor. Because the instrument operates on the thermogravimetric principal to calculate loss-of-weight on drying (LOD), is its less complex and more environmentally friendly than the Karl Fischer method.

            Measuring time is typically 6-10 min. for plastic pellets and the drying temperature range is 30˚ C to 200˚C in 1 C˚ increments. The analyzer comes with WinCT software for real-time graphic display of drying profile on a PC. Also included are: 20 sample pans, two sample pan handles, tweezers and a spoon; 30 grams of sodium tartrate dehydrate for accuracy checks; a disc to program the real-time graphic drying display; an RS-232C cable; an instruction manual; and a five-year warranty.