TESTING: Spectrophotometer Specially Designed for Automotive

Datacolor's new hand-held spectrophotometer offers digital color communication for the automotive supply chain.

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A new, high-accuracy, hand-held spectrophotometer with integrated gloss measurement and “best-in-class” inter-instrument agreement has been launched by Datacolor, Lawrenceville, N.J. The enhanced instrument has been tailored to meet critical color and gloss measurement needs of the automotive supply chain. Datacolor 45G CT is said to excel in digital color evaluation to increase the speed, efficiency and precision of the quality-control process. Reportedly, it is the only portable 45/0 instrument in the industry to offer close tolerance (CT) control for both color and gloss.

Datacolor recognized that like its successful predecessor 45G, this instrument would be ideally suited to the automotive industry as it can accurately measures varying textures and finishes as used, for example, in most interior car components. Using direct feedback from automotive manufacturers, the company further enhanced and developed what is claimed to be the automotive industry’s first such 45/0 instrument that integrates gloss measurement, more accurate tolerance readings, and a targeted workflow to allow for digital color communication directly within the supply chain. This technology reduces the need for sending physical color standards and as such streamlines the color approval process. The instrument is priced in the $12,250-$13,950 range.