TOOLING: New Mold Steel Has Higher Heat Transfer

Higher heat transfer plus hardness equal to H13 steel.

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Introduced at the recent Amerimold 2015 show in Rosemont, Ill., the new HTCS 200 series of mold steels from Ellwood Specialty Steel, New Castle, Pa., combines significantly higher thermal conductivity than standard mold steels with hardness comparable to H13 steel. New low-temperature heat-treatment capability minimizes distortion. The HTCS 100 series requires a quench and temper heat treatment to develop its higher thermal conductivity (about double that of H13 or P20 steel). This series achieves Rockwell hardness in the 40-52 HRC range. The newer HCTS 200 series achieves a similar hardness with a simple thermal treatment and can now be finish machined before heat treating. Ellwood distributes HCTS steels from Rovalma of Barcelona, Spain.