TOOLING: Upgraded Mold Maintenance Software

New spare-parts inventory and hot-runner maintenance pages.

Moldtrax 6, the new (2014) release of software designed specifically for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds, was featured at NPE2015 by ToolingDocs, Ashland, Ohio. MT6 is said to be faster and has several new features. For example, inventory monitoring lets users see which spare parts are in stock. The new Hot Runner Specs tab in the TechTips section gives quick access to manifold maintenance and repair instructions, images, and specifications. A new Maintenance Alert report shows what preventive maintenance procedures are coming due (yellow), overdue (red), or done (green). And a Performance Dashboard is now available from the main screen that shows the current ratio of scheduled to unscheduled mold stops, and the number of molds in production and their maintenance status, based on cycles run.

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