AUXILIARIES: Use Lasers To Measure ID, Pitch of Odd-Shaped Parts

Originally titled 'EXTRUSION: Lasers Measure ID & Pitch of Coiled Tubing'

Unit is intended for coiled tubing or other corrugated or convoluted parts.

LaserLinc is introducing a new system for measuring the diameter and pitch of coiled tubing and other corrugated or convoluted products. The measurement system features a scanning laser micrometer mounted to a linear actuator.

LaserLinc’s linear actuator, the Profile Vu-L linear measurement system is also used for other difficult-to-measure items such as taper length and taper segment angels. The entire length of a part is scanned, ensuring full coverage. Real-time pitch and enveloping diameter measurements update on the screen. Raw dimensional data and/or SPC can be collected on individual or batches of springs. A go/no go indicator is presented at the end of the part, or during the measurement process.

Applications include coiled tubing, springs, other coiled or convoluted products, and any product that requires tilting the micrometer to match pitch angle.