WELDING: Welder for Small Parts and Spaces

Extol's new hot-plate welder is designed for cleanrooms and limited spaces.

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A servo-driven plastics welder designed for cleanrooms and spaces with limitations is new from Extol, Inc., Zeeland, Mich. Intended for Life Sciences application that are up to 6” x 8” in area, Compact Fusion is said to be precise with superb process control and quick cycle times.

This welder has servo-driven actuation on the upper and lower press platens and the heated platen for excellent force, distance, and acceleration/deceleration control as well as weld strength and cycle time efficiency. Extol says hot-plate welding is an ideal process for a variety of applications especially where contoured surfaces exist and internal walls are required to be sealed. This unit feature two electric doors with safety pressure strips open from both the side and the front to provide operator flexibility and assembly orientation options. It was designed with easy automation integration capabilities in mind. It has an Allan-Bradley control system with a comprehensive hardware and software package. A large, color 6.5” HMI is easy to operate with its comprehensive and intuitive graphics, while ‘quick-change’ tooling simplifies and reduces tooling change time.