WELDING: Fast Servo Spin Welder For Small Parts

Runs at up to 7000 rpm and positions part halves within 1.0 degree.

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For small-part welding in medical, automotive, and industrial applications, Forward Technology, Cokato, Minn., has introduced the HS-OSW servo-driven spin welder. This high-speed unit can orient part halves relative to each other with a positioning accuracy of ± 1.0°. Exact start (home) and stop (final orientation) points can be programmed and precisely controlled. The unit runs at up to 7000 rpm, unlike standard servo models with top speeds of 4000 rpm. It also has an unusual dual-speed proportional valve for pneumatic pressure control, allowing the user to program initial part-approach speed, contact pressure, weld pressure, and cooling pressure. This capability reportedly cuts cycle time by 20% compared with standard single-pressure servo models and also improves repeatability.

The welder has a 6-in. color touchscreen that displays rpm, weld mode, weld distances, hold, time, pressure, part count, and total machine cycle count. Modular design allows adaptability to a variety of production configurations. For example, controller height can be repositioned, or the controller can be removed from the press and relocated to a more convenient position. Zero-force cycle-actuation switches reduce operator fatigue compared with mechanical start switches.