WELDING: Infrared Welding Systems

Two new design sizes round out Frimo's line of infrared welding systems.

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Germany’s Frimo Group (U.S. office in Wixom. Mich.) has introduced two new design sizes to its portfolio of JoinLine IR-V Eco standardized infrared welding systems, which bridge the gap between the company’s 500 and 1600 models.

IR-V-Eco 1200 has a maximum clamping surface of 1200 x 600 mm and can accommodate up to 48 heating circuits (optionally extendable to 72). The IR-V-Eco 800 can be equipped with up to 24 heating circuits. Like their predecessors, both models feature a modular platform concept that allows for faster deliveries with unchanged spare parts, and machines that are said to be economically priced while offering high precision and swifter drive systems.

            Frimo’s systems feature a proprietary tolerance compensation system, which allows for the precision welding extrusion blow-molded components such as gas- or liquid- conducting pipes, which often show tolerances considerably higher than are typical in the injection molding field. For optimal quality assurance, the JoinLine series welders can be equipped with an innovative, ultra-compact and modular infrared camera system which is used to monitor the required temperature distribution of the components to be joined, post-heating and pre-joining.