WELDING: New Ultrasonic Sealing Options for Flexible Packaging

Rinco has been awarded U.S. patents for new ultrasonic sealing technology for flexible packaging.

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Rinco Ultrasonics, Danbury, Conn., has been awarded U.S. patents for new ultrasonic sealing technologies. The patents cover two new  actuators and novel sealing technology for flexible packaging of dry and liquid foods, personal care items, and electronics.

Included is the FPA 4500-S ultra-narrow, high-speed/high-force actuator, that accommodates a small footprint and allows for easy service and replacement of inexpensive components.

Meanwhile, the new FPA 4500-T, is a pedestal-mounted high-force actuator retrofit welding system that reportedly allows for a simple bolt-in replacement of current heat seal stations or for use by OEMs as a purchased unit that offers them multiple options for their customers’ wide range of product and pouch filling needs. The new FPA systems are designed to replace existing heat sealing equipment on liquid filled pouch form-fill seal machinery or pre-made pouch systems. Both systems incorporate the patented PPS0145 interlocking film sealing technology, which is said to permit seal patterns with greater surface area than competitive ultrasonic seals. The interlocking design is said to create a wide lattice of extremely focused lines of force within the seal area, which creates seals over a much greater overall surface area, while still focusing the initial contact point as required by the process.