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Published: 2/13/2014
COMPOUNDING: Process Pelletizes and Crystallizes

Process avoids the need to cool PET after pelletizing and then reheat it for crystallization

Published: 1/27/2014
RECYCLING: Screw-Fed Granulator

Patented units are said to be quiet, more efficient.

Published: 1/27/2014
RECYCLING: Heavy-Duty Pipe Shredders

Ideal for thick-wall pipe.

Published: 8/28/2013
SCRAP RECLAIM: New Granulators & Shredders at K 2013

Just a small taste of new developments for scrap reclaiming at the K 2013 show next month in Düsseldorf, Germany, here are three to look for.

Published: 6/25/2013
RECYCLING: Meeting New Challenges in Recycling

Supplier points to progress in addressing difficult recycling applications.

Published: 4/29/2013
AUXILIARIES: Super-Compact Granulators For Bulky Parts

Four models available at trhoughputs to 450 lb/hr.

Published: 12/28/2012
AUXILIARIES: Blenders Handle Difficult Scrap

Two new solutions from Conair, Cranberry Township, Pa., are designed for use with its TrueBlend line of blenders to allow feeding thin, flaky regrind without repelletizing.

Published: 12/28/2012
RECYCLING: Recycling Systems Enhanced for Higher Output

Starlinger & Co.

Published: 12/28/2012
COMPOUNDING: Recycling & Compounding in One Step

Erema in Austria has a new system that combines recycling and compounding in a single step.

Published: 11/29/2012
AUXILIARIES: Parts Separator Is Sturdy, Quiet & Costs Less

Dynamic Conveyor, Muskegon, Mich., recently improved the design of its tumbler parts separator to offer greater durabilitwww.dynamicconveyor.comy at a lower price.

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