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Published: 5/19/2016
WELDING: Direct Diode Laser Welder for Small Parts

Amada Miyachi's new DDL welder boasts low power consumption and high efficiency.

Published: 3/23/2016
WELDING: Vibration Welder with Larger-Part Capacity in Smaller Footprint

Branson’s newest welder promises long-term production versatility.

Published: 1/28/2016
WELDING: Clear-to-Clear Plastic Laser Welder with Increased Absorption

Dukane's new system eliminates need for absorptive additives in clear-to-clear plastic welding.

Published: 10/1/2015
WELDING: Small, Flexible Power Supply for Ultrasonic Welders

Branson's new ultrasonic welding power supply offers complete and precise amplitude control throughout the weld cycle.

Published: 10/1/2015
WELDING: Welder for Small Parts and Spaces

Extol's new hot-plate welder is designed for cleanrooms and limited spaces.

Published: 8/6/2015
ASSEMBLY: Next-Generation Structural Adhesives for PVC, ABS, Acrylic

3M's new structural acrylic adhesives boast a faster cure time, expanding process work time up to 25 minutes.

Published: 8/6/2015
WELDING: Upgraded Anniversary Edition Ultrasonic Welder Launched

New look, additional safety features and more featured in Herrmann's new edition of its HiQ Medialog ultrasonic welder.

Published: 1/8/2015
WELDING: Optional Module Simplifies Work Cells In Plastics Welding

At NPE 2015, Dukane will show an optional module that significantly simplifies work cell configuration in plastics welding processes.

Published: 1/6/2015
WELDING: Ultrasonic Stepper Motor Welder With Touch-Panel Technology

Debuting at NPE 2015 is the new Sonics & Materials ultrasonic stepper motor welder featuring a unified controller and power supply.

Published: 1/2/2015
WELDING: Functional Integration Demonstration

Herrmann UItrasonics will showcase live demonstrations of the welding process by interlinking of several production steps.

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