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A Special Message from IMS Industrial Molding Supplies

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Think IMS for Injection Molding, Mold Making and Extrusion.

At IMS, our goal is the same as it was when we opened our doors in 1949 to provide you with the best molding equipment and supplies at attractive prices, and to assure you the most satisfying purchasing experience in the industry. To do that, we have to excel in every aspect of our business. We're are working hard to do that. From our commitment to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards to our experienced engineering and technical support staff, we've invested in the future of our business and yours.

For over 60 years, we've helped provide our customers with innovative solutions to all types of plastics processing problems, and we've developed customized equipment to help give our customers the edge in their markets. You can tap that knowledge whenever you need it, simply by asking.

When you buy from us, you should expect to be pleasantly surprised, each and every time.

Product Categories of IMS Industrial Molding Supplies

  • Air Knife Equipment
  • Box Tilters
  • Chillers more (+)
  • Conveying Equipment (pneumatic and Mechanical) more (+)
  • Conveyors (parts-handling)
  • Cutting Tools
  • Cylinders (plasticating) and Liners
  • Degating Equipment
  • Desiccant for Dryers
  • Dewpoint Monitors/Moisture Analyzers
  • Dryers for Resins more (+)
  • Extruder Screens, Screen Packs, Screen Changers, Breaker Plates, Other Melt-Filtration Equipment
  • Fasteners
  • Flow Monitoring/Control Devices (for Liquids)
  • Gas & Water Injection Systems
  • Granulators more (+)
  • Guards & Safety Equipment for Machinery
  • Hard Facing, Surface Treating of Tooling, Equipment
  • Heaters, Heating Elements
  • Heat-transfer Fluids
  • Hopper Loaders more (+)
  • Hoppers, Bins, Tanks more (+)
  • Hot-water or Oil-circulating Temperature Controllers more (+)
  • Injection Molding Non-return Valves
  • Injection Molding Nozzles
  • In-mold Coatings
  • Knives for Granulators, Pelletizers
  • Leak Testers
  • Level Sensors and Controls
  • Lifting Devices
  • Lubricants
  • Metal Detectors, Separators more (+)
  • Mold Grease
  • Mold Making and Repair Equipment
  • Mold-cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals
  • Mounts for Machines
  • Ovens
  • Part or Sprue Removal Robots and EOAT
  • Particle Screeners, Classifiers, Separators
  • Parts/Runner Separators
  • Pressure Sensors, Transducers
  • Purging Compounds
  • Quick-mold-change Equipment
  • Rebuilt Screws or Barrels
  • Release Agents--External (Spray or Wipe-on) more (+)
  • Release Agents--Internal (Additive Type) more (+)
  • Saws
  • Screw Tips
  • Screws (Plasticating)
  • Semi-bulk Containers more (+)
  • Silicone
  • Staking, Inserting Equipment
  • Static-eliminating Equipment
  • Temperature Controllers, Monitors more (+)
  • Temperature Pyrometers, Sensors, Thermocouples more (+)
  • Timers
  • Trimmers, Deflashers for Blow Molding
  • Tumblers more (+)
  • Water, Oil Manifolds and Couplings
  • Weigh Scales more (+)

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